The world as we know it…

Here I am, sat in my kitchen at the dining room table, doors wide open, listening to the birds in the trees outside. The sun is shining, there isn’t a cloud in the sky. It’s Mother’s Day and the plan was for my mum and dad to come down for the day, pop out for lunch somewhere, maybe go for a lovely walk…… but instead I have had to video call her and send her a gift from Amazon direct to her door over 65 miles away.

The world as we know it is changing. This is a new age and things will change from now on. I’m sure of it. Self isolation is taking over. The shops are closing. The supermarkets are empty and changing their opening hours. The schools are all closed and there is no time frame for when they will reopen. If you can work from home you are being called to do so. If you have any sign of a cold you must stay home and not see anyone for two weeks….. If not more.

The world has been abused and pillaged by us for thousands of years. We have been like a disease, and now the world is fighting back.

It wants us to slow down. To be more sustainable. To be more kind to each other. To spend time with our loved ones. To get back to basics when it comes to being a family.
It’s going to be a shock to the system, but I really feel like when we are out the other side of this, there will be a whole new generation of people who remember this scary time, and who will go forward with this new sense of togetherness, even despite all of the isolation. 

My part of the new generation who will remember this time and who will always be encouraged to shine her light.

I have come off social media for a while, I will pop on from time to time to share my happy memories or things I’m doing with my family, but I refuse to scroll. I refuse to get sucked into the vortex. I refuse to add any more negative energy, worry and anxiety to this situation. There is such a thing as world consciousness, and right now I want to be a beacon of light. No matter how small. I will shine my light and share it for the world to see. I encourage you to find and shine your light also.

Find the good in each day. Seek it out. Watch funny videos online. Play games with your kids and remember what it’s like to play. Use this time at home to declutter and tidy. Read that book you have been meaning to read. Start that creative project you always felt you didn’t have time to do. Write that book. Bake that cake. Learn to cook, sew, knit or garden. The internet is a wonder of possibilities and inspiration if you look for it. Lets not forget about how connected we really are and that there is good and light everywhere if we are open to it.

Stay safe, stay kind, stay considerate, stay in a place of love.

All my love. Jen xx


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