Mini Me

My daughter is quite possibly the best little girl in the world.

Ok, so I know we all think that, but seriously she’s so kind, thoughtful, caring, loving, funny, imaginative and just all round epic.

Being a mum is the most rewarding and terrifying job in the world.

I am constantly worrying I’m screwing it up.

Everything I read about mindset and dealing with your subconscious beliefs, that are effecting all of your adult life, says that it mostly comes from your childhood.

Crap bags!

If I wasn’t a mother I could just do the work, clear my unconscious limiting beliefs with things like tapping, forgiveness and love, but the fact that I am a mother, means that I am doing all the work on myself, but also worrying constantly about how much I’m messing my own kid up.


I honesty don’t want her to have to go though any of these issues I have come up against.

I want her to love herself. Be confident. Know that she can do, be and have anything she puts her mind too. I want her to understand all about the power of the universe and how she can create the life of her dreams no matter how big those dreams are. I want her to be a master manifester so she can live an awesome life and never have to struggle.

She is so much like me as a child. She’s shy. Not overly confident. Doesn’t particularly school. Loves films. Is such an empath that it’s kinda cute. If I get upset, she looks at me with so much love and concern in her eyes it breaks me. She is just so loving and innocent I want her to stay like that forever.

I guess as I am on this path, I can hopefully save her from at least a few limiting beliefs?

Money for example. I had so many money blocks when I started this work a year ago. Some of the stories I had around money would make you cringe (as you can guess if you have ever read my blog – Money Mindset)

Now I get to love money, know that there is always enough. That it flows to me easily and that it’s safe to save money and spend it. Knowing this means I can teach my daughter all these things too.

Already she will find a penny on the street and say “thank you Universe

When I’m with her I don’t say things like “we can’t afford that” or “we don’t have enough money for that” as these end up being beliefs that can last a life time.

Instead we say “I haven’t got enough coins with me for that right now” or “oooh, that’s lovely, let’s put that on our vision board and see how long it takes to manifest. What a fun game

There can also be challenges when it comes to their inner story about themselves. I will ALWAYS boost her up. Never will I say she isn’t good enough.

If she can’t do something she’s trying to do, I will say “wow! Amazing babe. That’s such good work. You can do anything you put your mind too. How amazing are you!

Sometimes I’m sure in the heat of the moment however, when I have asked her to put her shoes on fifty thousand times as “we are going to be late for school!!” I may make her “feel” like she’s a failure.

How do we get around that without ALLLLLLL of the mum guilt!?!?

Well my advise to any parents on this path and feeling guilty like myself is we are on this journey and have forgiven all of our shit, so even if you snap about an un-eaten dinner, showing your child this way of life as often as you can and teaching them to be grateful every day, will hopefully save them from too much work to do when they are grown.

To all the Mamma’s and Pappa’s worrying about messing your kids up…….

All they need is love, support, encouragement, kind words, cuddles and as much of your time as you can give them. Read that book, play with that doll, make that play dough burger and pretend to eat it!

We are all in this together and if we can come out the other side happy and healthy. Our children will too.

All the love

Jen xx

4 thoughts on “Mini Me

  1. Jenn you are amazingly wise – such a brilliant mummy. Isla is a very lucky girl!!! ❤️❤️

  2. Negative emotions are still emotions that as humans we need to feel and learn to deal with. Protecting our children too much from negativity feelings can also cause issues in the future. I think it’s just finding a balance and listening to what your child feels about themselves and perhaps adjusting things. We have no control over what our children are exposed to 24/7. School is a big issue for me here. So many people in an authoritative position who may have detrimental affects on our children’s self esteem and mental health. School has a lasting impact on us all positive or negative. By allowing your child to recognise these influences and allowing them to question them will teach them how to deal with negativity and not allow it to shape who they are and feel about themselves. An example would be a teacher who shouts at children. I explain that a teacher is a human being like us all and is an equal to us. Respect needs to be earnt both ways. If a child is in an environment where shouting is a common occurrence I teach my child that the teacher has made a choice and has lost control and perhaps has never been taught to deal with things differently. I emphasise that the teacher is not necessary right to shout. That their actions and negative opinions are not necessarily fact and that we can not control the teachers behaviour but we can control how we respond to it. After years of emotional struggles and continued issues of self esteem as a child I now have regular psychotherapy to help me as an adult. I’m using what I learn to help shape a positive future for my child.

    1. So much love for you Ceri-Anne 😘 you are such an inspiration and a great supportive friend. I’m blessed to have your wisdom in my life as well as on this post for all to see. X

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