Signs from Above

My poor daughter wondered what was going on when she passed me a marble and I burst into tears…….

What she didn’t know, was that two days ago I was having a little chat with ‘God/Angels/Archangels/Spirit Guides/The Universe’ asking for a sign.

The word ‘marble’ popped into my head and I actually laughed when I said it out loud. I thought “ok, marble is it” with a big smile on my face.

If you read my blog – Feel The Fear But Do It Anyway, you’ll know I have some MASSIVE changes happening in my life currently.

They are scary and I haven’t got all my ducks in a row just yet, but I know it’s the right step and the path I need to follow.

Although I know this, I still needed a little guidance and proof I’m not about to completely mess up not only my business, life and my daughters life, but my wonderful staff members work, life and her sons life. Yes, this change is THAT MASSIVE!

I have asked for signs before and I often see Angle numbers and feathers.

I like to ask for a specific sign when I am struggling internally with a decision or wondering if I’m making the right choice. It can be anything you want. Try and just ask out loud or in your head and go with the first thing that pops in there.

A few weeks ago I asked for a sign and the word ‘butterfly’ came to me and I asked for this as proof I’m on the right path.

Within a few days, when I wasn’t actually thinking about them or anything to do with my “path” a butterfly almost wiped me out! It flew right at me while I was chatting to someone and I had to actually duck out the way! I burst out laughing (making me look like a complete loon) and said “ok thank you” to the butterfly and carried on my conversation. Haha.

Since then I have been spotting butterflies everywhere. Real ones. Fake ones. Drawings. On peoples clothes. On art work. Everywhere. Near enough every day I see them.

I decided I needed a new sign, just to be 100% sure.

It’s not that I don’t trust my sign or doubt that I am being looked after, it’s just that when it’s such a massive change that’s looming, I wanted just one more bit of proof.

Something random (butterflies are of course out all over the place in July) something that I didn’t see around the house or in general day to day life. As I said I didn’t think about what to pick, I just went with what ever came into my head and went with it.

It’s Sunday today and I have spent the weekend relaxing, reading, helping my mum at an event, spending quality time with my daughter, cleaning and decluttering the house. It’s currently 10.45am and we are still in our PJ’s just playing with toys, drawing pictures and watching films. Perfect lazy Sunday.

I haven’t done any work! I haven’t picked up my camera, I haven’t opened the laptop or turned on the computer.

Even amongst all of the pressure of this huge change, I am making time for me and relaxing.

Because of this, I wasn’t even thinking about my dreams and hopes for the future. I wasn’t worrying about what is going to happen tomorrow when Monday rolls round. I am just in this moment.

My daughter has emptied out a toy box of bits and pieces from Christmas and her birthday. It’s full of presents that she hasn’t actually opened yet (I know right!) She’s been happy as larry just discovering all of the forgotten items.

Then it happens. I’m just minding my own business watching the end of a funny film, she comes up to me with something in her hand and says “mummy, look how pretty this is” she opens her hand and holds up a marble. It’s one that we bought probably a year or so ago when on a day trip.

We don’t have marbles in our house as a rule and I had completely forgotten she had it. That box it was in has been sat, barely touched since Christmas, with a few more bits chucked on top after her birthday in March. The fact she decided to get it all out and discover that marble today just amazes me.

I honestly burst into tears when I realised what I was seeing and what it meant. She of course looked worried and thought she had upset me somehow.

I explained that I had been worried about all the stuff changing with work and that I had asked for a sign from my Angels and from God and the Universe and that this was it.

At 6 she’s didn’t completely understand it. But I’m sure somewhere in her world this will seep back in, in years to come she’ll know she too can ask for help from the unknown and get the same level of relief and support.

It is the most wonderful feeling.

In that moment of realisation I was so overwhelmed with love and a deep knowing that all will be perfect.

I urge anyone and everyone to chat to the powers that be, to pray. You don’t have to be religious. I wouldn’t have said that I was until recently.

But now, after all of these amazing little things lining up and happening to me, I have to admit, I believe in something and you know what, it’s not a bad way to live.

Much love everyone.

Jen xx

What signs have you asked for and they have come true? I would love to know in the comments.

5 thoughts on “Signs from Above

  1. Ah Jenn this is truly emotional and wonderful – I have every faith in you and your future ❤️

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