Feel the fear. But do it anyway

Fight or Flight.

Our bodies way of trying to keep us safe.

Years ago, when in danger of being eaten by a wild animal while cooking up dinner in our cave, that was helpful.

Now however….. not so much!

Our bodies shut down. We can’t take in any more. We feel overwhelmed. We go silent. We sabotage. We retreat into ourselves.

F.E.A.R. – Feel Everything and RUN!

The last few days ‘Fear’ has been creeping up on me. Its sneaky. I know it’s there but I think the doors are locked tight and that it can’t get around my positive mental attitude. But it won’t stop knocking.

Last week I made a HUGE decision in work. Like crazy-super-dooper HUGE. I am excited for this insane leap of faith, but when the other party actually said ‘yes’, that was when fear reared its ugly head.

So the big leap I said I would make, I actually have to go through with it now.

On one hand I can’t wait and I know its going to be a game changer and the most EPIC adventure to date. But on the other hand……. Crap! Its 3x more scary that my situation now. If not 4x actually when I take everything into account.

The reason I am writing this and telling you all, is that although the fear has come a knocking, I won’t let it in.

I am feeling the fear…… but doing it anyway.

Fear can kiss my ass!

I am a badass women running my own business and raising a happy and healthy little girl. I’ve got this. I can make this leap, just like all the other leaps that were a HUGE deal over the years and are now just achievements and amazing stories to tell my grandkids.

This step is no different to the one just over three years ago. I was scared and didn’t have a clue how I would do that then either, but I did it and since then my life and business is unrecognisable.

I am sharing this blog with you all as I want you to know that you too can simply feel the fear. Let it all in. Acknowledge it. Respect it. Thank it for trying to keep you safe. But lovingly send it on it’s way while reassuring it and yourself that you will be fine. More than fine. That you are unstoppable and you’ve got this!

My lovely friends.

We can do this!

Yay to us xxx

10 thoughts on “Feel the fear. But do it anyway

  1. Awesome and well done…..sometimes a leap of faith is exactly what it says on the tin (of faith) 🙏🏻🕉🌎 namaste you got this…..I know we only briefly chatted but I feel that and so should you 💜😁

    1. So true! I’m keeping the faith over here for sure. The Universe will show me “how” I take the leap, I’m just ready and waiting. Thanks for your kind words. Means a lot 💕🙏🏻

      1. For sure, the universe will always put you on the right path. Even if it seems slightly odd or uncharted territory, trust and faith that your higher self knows what it’s doing and follow your intuition and I’ll be honest you won’t go far wrong!!
        It’s so funny I did a card reading a few weeks ago about taking a leap of faith and I’m being told to tell you the same thing. So the card shows a person just about to jump of what appears to be a cliff….but what they don’t know is that the mist and the clouds are hiding the step below. Actually the leap is not as big as you imagine. It is more of a step and there are many spirit guides around you to keep you safe. Ask them and the angels for assistance they will ‘always’ be there to help you.

        I hope you didn’t mind me saying that? Keep the faith and good luck with your new venture! Looking forward to August’s group with Dee and Jane 🙏🏻💜🕉

      2. Eeeeekkk! Thank you so much for passing that message on to me. I will go to sleep tonight reminded that I have all the support I need and I will call upon my Angels for help with taking this “step”
        So grateful for your kind words and taking the time to comment and share your card with me.
        Definitely see you in the August group and can actually say hi properly 👋🏼😁💕

  2. I feel the fear everyday too just like you describe. Your blog is so inspirational❤. Having children is so huge and if we think of it we have to feel the fear and move forward most days but we just seem to do it. How is it we don’t see it the same when its our own hopes and dreams?? 😃

    1. Aw thanks lovely 😁 here’s to us! Feeling the fear and getting shit done anyway.
      I have a blog lined up about my mini me. It’s not ready yet but look forward to sharing it soon.
      It’s crazy what we put ourselves through and would never let our children think such negative thoughts about their dreams.

  3. You and I, along with a lot more in our circles it seems, are on very similar paths. We are all walking together, a small distance away from each other, but very much in the same woods. Every now and again, someone may trip over and need help getting up, and when they shout for help, everyone else comes to their aid. Old Tom proverb!
    You got this bizznitch! 😀

    1. Couldn’t have put it better myself! I love seeing so many people on this path. I’m surrounded by them and it’s just so amazing. Definitely love helping each other and raising one another up 🙌🏻

  4. A quote from ‘your a badass stop doubting your greatness and start living an awesome life’, a fantastic little book someone once made me listen to 😜
    “Is your fear greater than your faith in the unknown & yourself, or is your faith in the unknown & yourself, greater than your fear”.
    “strength is undefeatable & on the other side of your fear is your freedom so, keep going and view fear from your rear view mirror” you’ve got this, YOUR A BADASS xx

    1. This is lush! Thank you so much for the reminder and thank you for being there through it all with me. I’m feeling the fear and you’re just over there like “yeah, easy!” Love it!
      Here’s to our next chapter in work. Here’s to us. Here’s to all the badasses feeling the fear but doing it anyway 💕🙌🏻

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