High Vibin’ – and tips to stay that way.

6.30am – *bing* eyes wide open…..

“did that really happen last night? Did I really see what I thought I saw? I mean, I have visualised it every day during my affirmations, but did I really truly see that on my phone screen?”

I am seriously High Vibin’ over here. I finally feel like I have got a handle on life!

The last two days I have made a conscious effort to actually show up, and do the work, and you know what, as they say in AA “it works if you work it.”

Last night after spending an evening working through day 6 of a course I signed up for 2 weeks ago (you see how long it’s taken me to just actually do it.) I was on my phone virtually shopping by adding items to my basket and enjoying spending my “money” I had made last month (as I clearly hit my target that I affirm every morning and night)

When, after actually finding something that was a complete bargain it went in my basket and I even check it out, I clicked off the screen and I don’t even know what happened, but all of a sudden the notification bar had slid down from the top, and there, in front of my eyes, was a notification I had been dreaming about seeing for over a month.

I of course instantly burst into tears of gratitude and called my bestie, regardless of the fact 5 minuet’s before she had told me she was going to bed.

After a “leave me alllooonnnneeeee” answer in a sleepy voice, and me managing to force out, through my snotty tears what I was calling about, we both squealed and kicked our legs about in excitement.

I phoned her first not only due to the fact she was awake (albeit trying not to be) but also as I knew she would have the exact right response.

What we were squealing about, and what I saw on my phone was a notification from paypal, telling me someone had made the leap and invested in my work shop……

This workshop has been planned for over two months. At work me and my amazing staff have been planning, booking, buying, brainstorming and it feels like we haven’t stopped. We have put so much time into this workshop and I know it will be an amazing two days. But man! It’s scary as balls!!

I have had to do so much mindset work to get myself to a point that I am squealing at a each paying customer.

If someone had booked on straight away, I probably would have self sabotaged it all right there and then.

Honestly I believe that I wasn’t ready when I first announced it, even though I had the idea, went into it full throttle and nothing was stopping me, now I am ready.
The Universe knows it and they are aligning the right people to attend.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

The reason I think the Universe has stepped in now is because I haven’t given up and I have gotten really clear on my goals, and refused to let anything stop me.

If I have had a bad day (which I have) I have tried to look at it through wonder, instead of a victim mindset.

“Ok, so why do I think this has happened to me? What can I learn from it? How can I turn this feeling around? Ok, feel sad for a bit, really feel what it is that’s got you this way, pin point it and then move on”

It’s been tough but I have to say I felt so much better just allowing myself to feel sad if I felt sad, but being stern enough to suck it up and do the work at finding out why I “felt” the way I felt.

(Of course if you suffer with clinical depression or the like it may not be quite so simple, but I would love to think it could still be an end result for you. Just maybe it will take longer to get there. I don’t know but I can hope)

Forcing myself to turn to things that I knew would make me happy, even when it was the last thing on my mind, was a great way to raise my vibrations.


Here is a list of some of the things I did:

  • Sang – I found songs that I could bellow at the top of my lungs and I SANG!
    Singing is a great way to get out all of your excess energy. Just be sure to pick a song that raises you up. Don’t pick a sad song and spend the whole time thinking about that time when you were 8 that your goldfish died….. that won’t help!
  • Danced – This goes hand in hand with singing of course.
    Last week I was walking to get my car from the garage with my headphones on and I had to try so hard and stop myself bursting into song and dance while walking along the main road.
    I’m sure I was oozing happiness to the people driving past as I was bobbing along and doing slight sneaky dance moves with my hands (I just couldn’t stop it)
  • 30 second dance party – If you aren’t walking a long the main road, or if you are and you don’t give a hoot, then I suggest one of mine and my besties fav’s, a 30 second dance party.
    Find a song, play it LOUD and DANCE! Move your body. Shake your hips. Point those fingers in the air like you just don’t care (my move that I get taken the mick out of for haha)
    Just embrace the music and let it all out. I guarantee you’ll feel better afterwards when your hearts beating all those good vibes through your body.
  • Listen to/read an inspirational book – I LOVE audible!
    It’s like my best friend on my phone. I have a very busy life and if I’m honest I don’t like reading that much, but I love being read to.
    Audio books are my go too for any situation really. Walking, driving, washing up, cleaning the house, going to bed, getting dressed. I have a book playing all the time. I have at least 10 feel good inspirational books in my self help arsenal.
    I will share a list at the bottom of a few of my favourites. 
  • Watching an inspiring video (or 15) on YouTube – Again like audio books I can pop them on and just carry on with my busy life but subconsciously and consciously take it all in.
    It’s amazing what will come your way during a YouTube binge. One things leads to another and you end up on something really random but it has the perfect message for you at that time in your life.
    I get this a lot, where one minute I think I’m listening to one thing, and I then notice it’s something I had never even thought of but it’s so perfect for me.
    Thank you synchronicity and Universal guidance!
  • Call your Tribe – This could be one member or every member.
    Speak to the people who will raise you up. Text them. Arrange a meeting. Just have a chat on the phone.
    Speaking with like minded people who get what you’re going though will work wonders in boosting your mood.
    I have all my tribe on speed dial!
  • Journal – I had let this slip over the last few weeks and boy did I feel it.
    I was writing my gratitude every day before I went to sleep, and I loved it.
    Being grateful for all you have or experience is the number one way to get yourself out of that negative funk I think.
    You can’t be worried if you’re writing down all the positives you’re grateful for. Recently I started an “evidence” book too. I love this and over the last two days I haven’t stopped writing in it.
    It’s a place to record all the little bits that on their own may seem like nothing, but all together make up a book of proof that the Universe has your back, and things are lining up for you.
    There is so much in there, I can’t possibly even start to say, maybe it will be a blog on its own one day, but I am loving the experiences so much.
    It’s great to be open to everything that comes your way and to acknowledge it all.
  • Do something you love – Cooking? Cleaning? Going for a walk? Getting out in nature? Running? Napping (as long as it’s not all the time and a way to avoid your life) Colouring? Drawing? Going to the cinema? Meeting friends for a coffee? Going for a meal? Hugging your children or parents?
    Anything you love to do and can (sometimes force) yourself to do, will boost your mood and help raise you up.
  • Watch mind numbing TV or watch a great film – Either way, I find losing myself in another world for a bit, the perfect way to relax and take my mind off my worries.
    I try to choose things that won’t damage my already fragile state, but instead things that will make me laugh, make me smile, have me singing and dancing (again yes) and generally finding a storyline that will inspire me.
    Stay away from anything that could result in tears, snot and spiralling out of control. That’s definitely not going to be for the win.
  • Dress pretty and wash your hair! – Make an effort with yourself.
    When you’re feeling like crap you tend to look like crap. Well I do anyway, sorry for be general sweeping rationalisation there if that isn’t you. Haha.
    But I honestly notice I feel so ugly when my thoughts are ugly.
    So why not try and change those thoughts by working on the outside version of you, so it can help the inside version of you realise just how beautiful you are.
    Self love is the way to go. For many, including me, it’s the one that doesn’t factor high when you’re down, but it really does work to raise your feelings for yourself if you at least get up and wash your hair.
  • Giving – I was bought a book by my step mum at Christmas and called “29 Gifts” by Cami Walker.
    It’s such an inspirational read and I loved the idea behind it. Reminded me of the film “Pay it Forward“.
    I won’t tell you too much about it but basically I am on day 4 of giving and it feels great.
    When you have a lack mentality, you feel like you can’t give your time, energy, money or love, as you worry there isn’t enough to go around.
    But as you give, you are telling the Universe you know that there is more than enough abundance in everything around you, and what you give out, you get back. Like attracts like.
  • Daily Affirmations and Mantras – Last but by no means least we have daily affirmations and positive mantras.
    These are so powerful and when used with all of the above they can sky rocket your vibes right up to the Big U!
    I have many affirmations I say and mantras I try and repeat throughout the day, all day. They keep me on track. They keep me focusing on my goal and believing in myself and the ability of The Universe.
    There are app’s out there that you can record and play back your own affirmations and I have one called ‘Think Up’ on my iPhone and I love it. I will put this on if I’m having a wobbly, just in the background when I go to sleep, and this will reinforce my subconscious as I drift off to sleep of all the positive things I can do, be and have.

Doing all of these things has really helped me step up to my dream life and this is it, now!

I have arrived.

I am grateful, I am recording all the little bits of evidence that prove The Universe has my back. I’m positive. I am a badass who is able to do, be and have anything I put my mind too and I am sending love into everything I do. Yaaaasssss!

As a result, my desires and dreams are aligning, I am getting loads of weird and wonderful coincidences happening every day. The right people are being attracted to me in work and life. I am making more money that I could have ever thought possible a year ago and I am able to share all of it with you in the hope I can inspire others to take this journey.

I hope this little list serves as a handy toolkit to raising your energy and high vibin’.
The more souls that can awaken to their higher self the better.
Together we can fill the world with love and light and create a place our children and children’s children will be proud of.

Have a wonderful Friday everyone.

Let me know in the comments if you have any other tips to raising your game when you are low. I would love to know them.

All the love.
Jen xx

Reading (or listening) list:

*You Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life – Jen Sincero

*You Are a Badass at Making Money – Jen Sincero

*The Universe Has Your Back – Gabrielle Bernstein

*The Big Leap – Gay Hendricks

*The Secret – Rhonda Byrne

*The Power – Rhonda Byrne

*Lucky Bitch: A Guide for Exceptional Women to Create Outrageous Success – Denise Duffield-Thomas

*Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear – Elizabeth Gilbert

*Playing Big – Tara Mohr

*Year of Yes: How to Dance It Out, Stand In The Sun, and Be Your Own Person – Shonda Rhimes


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