Time is an Illusion

Ah time!

It always seems to vanish and life becomes all consuming when you find something you’re passionate about.

I haven’t had the “time” to write another blog since my last one. It’s been weeks and since then my daughter has come back off holiday in Florida, it’s been half term, we went away for a mini break to Tenby South Wales, and I have started back at work properly this week and feel like I am not getting anywhere.

Time is made up, created by us as a way to measure life.

I have been telling myself I haven’t had enough “time” to achieve all of the things I need to do, so of course I haven’t.

Today I have been feeling a little overwhelmed with my to do list and have struggled to pin myself down on a job.

I am flitting from one to another with so much buzzing about my head that I feel all of a dither (yes I actually used the words all of a dither, I’m that cool!)

However lists have been made, goals have been set and I’m actually looking more and more likely to achieve my goals having these plans in place.

But as a creative soul I am easily distracted and I want to do everything yesterday.

In walks time.

Telling me I don’t have enough of it, no “time” to relax and enjoy trash Tv. To remind me I have jobs I should have done before I went on holiday. To make me think I have missed deadlines for things I made up in my head (that actually have no time limit at all)

It’s such a tricky situation and if I wasn’t on the path I was on, I would be working myself into the ground this evening trying to force my way through my to do list (even though I have two whole days to get it all done)

I would be exhausted, feeling frustrated and living in a state of lack.

This is not the way to live and thank goodness I know that!

Instead I have done what urgently needed doing, it took about an hour, then I logged off and I have opened the wine, stepped away from the computer and watched mind numbing trash tv and really truly relaxed and enjoyed some me time. I haven’t felt guilt, resentment or worry.

I have given myself the gift of “time” and I urge you all to do the same.

As they say “you can’t pour from an empty cup” and it’s perfectly ok to take time to do what you love or to simply relax.

The list will still be there tomorrow and after a nice relaxing evening off, you’ll feel 100% ready to roll in the morning.

To anyone feeling the pressure of a ticking clock, this is a message for you……

“You only live once, relax and hustle, play and work. Life is about balance and I officially give you permission to open that wine or beer, and insist you take an evening to yourself. Watch rubbish, let your mind go, breath, tomorrow is a new day and it’s ok to take tonight for yourself.”

All the love,

Jen xx

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